Adam Morris

Psychology PhD at Harvard University
Socio-emotional educator & authentic relating facilitator

My goal: help people lead deeper social lives.

We spend decades of our life in school, and yet we are never taught the most meaningful thing: how to be with other people, in a healthy and fulfilling way. I run events & workshops which help people develop their interpersonal skills, connect with others, and lead more socially effective and nourishing lives.

Events & Workshops

I run connection workshops, navigating difficult conversations workshops, and authentic relating / relational meditation ("circling") events.


Many people seek deeper connections in their life, but struggle to find others to connect with, or don't know how to create situations where they can feel genuinely open with another person. This workshop teaches a set of powerful, research-backed skills that help you forge deeper, more nourishing connections with the people around you, anytime you want.

Navigating difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are everywhere in life -- with your boss, your romantic partner, your politically-minded relative -- and these conversations often leave people feeling scared, frustrated, or disconnected. In this workshop, we explore how to navigate these conversations in a way that gets you closer to your goals while also deepening your connection & mutual understanding with the person on the other end of the conversation.

Authentic relating / relational meditation ("circling")

Authentic relating / relational meditation events are opportunities to meet & connect with people in a fun, vulnerable, and surprisingly meaningful way. In "authentic relating" nights, we play a series of games designed to quickly bring people into real connection and explore the space between us. In "relational meditation" nights (also known as "circling"), we take mindfulness meditation and apply it to social interactions, exploring what it's like to be in connection with others in a present-focused and non-judgmental way. These simple exercises can produce profound, life-altering interconnected experiences. (For more information on relational meditation / circling, see here, here, here, here, or here.)

Some testimonials:
"I felt such a strong connection to everyone in the group... The honesty and openness was extraordinary."
"It was wonderful: inspiring, exciting and fulfilling. It made me feel optimistic for the future."
"A couple days later, still feeling the 'afterglow'."
"I felt a lot more connected to myself and others than I normally do in my day to day life."

I'm available to run custom events for teams, groups, or communities! Just shoot me an email and we can discuss what you're looking for :).

About Me

I grew up in a suburb of New Jersey, and did my undergrad in psychology at Brown University. I was doing my PhD research on how people form habits of thought -- up until two years ago, when I had a transformational experience of profound interconnectedness while camping with friends in the woods. I came out of that experience with a vision of the social life that is possible for us: one of unabashed openness and mutual understanding. After that experience, I embarked on an intense study of how connection happens (or doesn't happen) between people, which led me to an authentic leadership training in Boulder, a board room at the NYU business school, a circling immersion in Boston, a Buddhist monastery in Vermont, and more. My hope is to share what I've learned, and to continue learning.

When I'm not thinking about or practicing connection, you might find me hiking in the White Mountains, rock climbing, dancing, playing chess, or running by the Charles river.

You can contact me at thatadammorris at